August 03, 2003, 3:49 p.m.

I am not necessarily a time-bomb

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Current Musics: Today's music included BUXTEHUDE cantatas with Ton Koopman, TELEMANN string concerti (alla polacca) with Reinhard Goebbel, HANDEL cantatas on LP from the 70s, and the Rameau e-minor harpsichord suite (alla Wandowska).

Movie of note: I have always found it strange and offputting that the day on which Raising Arizona is set is Wednesday the 12th April -- I was adopted on Wednesday 12th April 1978. The film was released in 1987; it is possible that les frères Coen intended to set their picture two years in the future -- but my hunch, based on long examination of the happy retro styling of the picture is that it was set on my ACTUAL ADOPTION DAY. As far as I know, Holly Hunter does not resonate as "mother" to me, I did not have a spectacular football career sparked by adoptive atavism hazily recollected, and, most damning of all, present evidence suggests that I was even more sensitive to heat and lack of rain when I was wee and I would never have survived the *m*r*c*n South-West. It could still be a roman-à-clef, of course.

Current Benders: Yesterday (Saturday) did not exist for me insofar as I had a merciless hangover from seeing CC and SC off to grad schools by pub-crawl.

How much I yearn for the simple life! A clean room, a clean kitchen, few but pleasant obligations, a regular musical ensemble who don't mind four-hour sight-reading sessions, a garden. The ability to date casually, to date irreverently, to date inanely and beautifully and satisfyingly. The ability to go three words without a pile-up of adverbs. I need / want views, water, rain, books, playing-cards, a stereo system, trustworthy friends who are unlikely to say anything which might tempt me to paint in thought-bubbles above their heads, "but can't you see it's ALL ABOUT ME! What about MY needs?" A life with a student center, non-metallic-tasting drinking fountains, 100% cotton stationery, clothes that fit.