14 Juillet 2003, 4:52 p.m.

But penguins won't stop following you

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Music: Momus, Oskar Tennis Champion. Momus in melodic mode again, thank gods. 'Who controls the sperm of men, controls the world.' This is supposed to be his German album, and it shows in all the sixths and waltz-tempi.

Waltz-Tempi: CP and RB's first dance as a married couple. This was one beautiful wedding, completely suffused with their personalities. It is the details one's heart catches on, like the table favours. These were craftsy wine-glass labels with our initials in mini scrabble pieces inside colorful boxes decorated with pieces from other games. An aircraft carrier on my little cardboard box indicated to me that I would sit at the Battleship table during the reception. The entire weekend, all the activities planned, the food, the speeches, were whimsical, thoughtful, unpretentious, and also substantial enough to be classic and restrained when it was needed. My new favorite married people, CP and RB. Mazel tov!

From the 'Wish they all could be' files: Also, West-Coast Time Limit was not met, which is to say that C*l*f*rn** did not overstay its welcome. Winery tour in Napa, blue skies, unbelievable lack of humidity, and Thai food that makes me want to move away from B*st*n for good. In this case, golden-fried tofu in spicy tamarind sauce with crispy-fried basil leaves and a cucumber salad, sweet-sour and fresh like a sorbet. I always forget that cucumbers are not born slimy. I always forget and crave vegetables I can't find here. And of course the men are always nicer-looking on the other side of the country.

Arr! Pirates everywhere! I want to have a pirate wedding.