28 May 2003, 11:53 p.m.

Make straight the way of the LORD

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Today was measured out much too miserly for my tastes. Woke with a start exactly twelve hours ago seriously (fuck!) late (shit!) for work (damn!). Arrived sheepish; worked, had meetings in which I said difficult things to powerful people. Left work, went to see the second installment of a trilogy of films about being stuck in a computer simulation. It was OK. I miss the first one. ECG and AS were good company.

For no particularly good reason, I didn't eat any real meals today. (For me, a sandwich isn't real, even if it is quite large).

I needs must write about meetingEP, the incomparable Ms. Lisa and Inkwell. Now is not the night. Placeholder.

This is not a real entry. I will listen to Josquin and nurse my headache and write more for you o so soon.

Local diarylanders who wish to come to V*rs**ll*s to watch PAHWN are welcome any night of the week. Bring your own smuttiness and check any extraneous meat at the door, please.