April 10, 2002, 3:02 a.m.

Whatever shall we do, pink and blue?

back & forth

Well, today's accomplishment lies before you in its simpering pastel glory. I was going for eighteenth-century French, which I fancy will probably come across more clearly when my page is adorned with graphics. I hope it looks a little less stern than my old page-design (the code to which I have nevertheless carefully archived lest I succumb to public outcry to restore it. I will never ceased to be amazed by humanity's capacity for blinkered conservatism: Hell, they put another Bush in the White House. But that visual statement is over. I shall miss the trick with the letter-spacing in the navigation menu, though.).

Current music: Natalie Dessay singing Mozart arias.
Current culinary craving: tortellini in brodo.
Current discovery: Peth is real. She and I chatted today, and she told me to be a librarian. She's quite right, you know, but I am overcompensating for my fear of peer-pressure. Everyone else I know is a librarian, and is more or less happy with the métier. This makes me nervous. Studies have proven that what works for 100% of the rest of humanity fails miserably for me.
Current reading: Tarr, by Wyndham Lewis, since I never finished it. Snowcrash, in honor of its tenth anniversary. I went back to it expecting to roll my eyes a lot; in fact, it's aged quite well. Edward Said's Reflections on Exile, which is very thick. Carrying it around in my bag makes me feel safer.
Current hesitation: Had I ought to apply to work at the place up the road which features the Cutest Waiter Ever (tm)? Hélas, mon cœur, I nurture deep reservations about dating my colleagues, and I fear I would only torment myself working alongside him. Keep in mind, he made a point of bringing over my tea, even though I wasn't seated at one of his tables.
Current vice: staying up too late.