April 8, 2002, midnight

In which we get the sack, and drink it down in one draught

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Careful readers of our little literary experiment will have come to understand that your humble narrator's life has lately been one phat diminished seventh just waiting to resolve. Today was an historic day; today, the other shoe dropped.

Which is to say that, when I arrived all groggy at P**t's this morning at seven-fifteen, there was a sulphurous smell of the not-all-right hanging in the air behind the coffee. Indeed, my hours had been scratched off the weekly schedule. Well, so much for that job, and, truth be told, there are better ways of informing your employees of their termination, such as before they come in to work for the day.

Rather at loose ends, I went over to the illicit literatures shop where MG works to console myself, and pulled myself together enough to snivell out that, while they were perfectly justified in giving me the sack for being perennially late, WB, my avuncular but rather sponge-spined supervisor, had no business accusing me of sloppy cash-handling to boot: I counted my cash drawer myself, and my calculations didn't show any discrepancies whatsoever. Affronts to my personal honesty aside, I am worried lest this questionable piece of information ever find its way to future employers -- then again, there's no effective way to contest managerial opinion.

Enough; I left with more grace than you, my dear reader, might have expected of me. That afternoon, RM (kai su, tekne!) was extremely cold when I, quite by accident, ran into her in D*v*s Sq*r*. -- I pondered for three whole seconds what sort of politics might be up in the situation, what backstairs reports had prejudiced her against me, since I'd assumed she enjoyed working with me as much as I enjoyed working with her. Then I went to see Yo la tengo play music to Painlevé documentaries about marine invertebrates. Thus today, which started too early and seemed to stop altogether at around eight in the morning, drew to a close with vague indie instrumental rumblings and molting shrimp.

Current state-of-mind: confused.
Current musick: Telemann, chamber concerti for gamba and recorder.
Current drink: a well-earned martini on the rocks.
Current plan: It's a nice day to ... start again.
Current silver lining: sleeping in tomorrow.